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Oct 28, 2019

Abe sits down with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Jonathan Cain of Journey, who wrote some of the biggest hits for the band. They have a sincere conversation about Cain’s faith and family, why he spends a good amount of time in D.C., and his hope for the legacy of Journey. He also reveals his surprising “rock star”...

Oct 21, 2019

As a longtime baseball fan, Abe’s more than excited that the Washington Nationals made it to the World Series! On this episode he explains what America's pastime has in common with our retirement, and tells the story of a lady who’d won the game already… But didn’t realize it until he did the math. Plus,...

Oct 14, 2019

With another year is flying by, Abe uses this episode to address what you need to be doing now to be tax efficient with your retirement in 2020… and beyond. You’ll also hear a real-life retirement reality of why rising healthcare cost should be vital part of your retirement income plan.