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Dec 21, 2020

The question we all want answered depends on these 3 basic factors. Abe talks about how to prepare. Plus, what is it about the month of November that tells us if more market gains are on the way?

Dec 14, 2020

From the crash in March to the highs by year’s end, we’ve seen about a decade's worth of price swings crammed into half a year! Abe talks about how to prevent falling into the common buy/sell patterns of a volatile market. Plus, why many are financially optimistic for the new year.

Dec 7, 2020

A survey found that the average baby boomer has $920,000 saved for retirement, but expects to spend about $135,000 a year in retirement.  At that rate, you’ll run out of money after 7 years. Abe talks about ways to work on your income versus spending plan. Plus, retirees considering a financial adviser say these...